GREENSBORO, N.C. - A story we aired Tuesday on 2 Wants To Know had some of you talking. We shared Nerd Wallet's findings on the true cost of a speeding ticket. They found that your insurance typically goes up for three years after a ticket. So after the fine, court costs and the increased insurance, you could end up paying $1,600 - $1,800 for one speeding ticket.

The True Cost Of A Speeding Ticket In NC

Wendy Turner saw the story and reached out on Facebook. She said, "Your insurance doesn't go up when you get a ticket unless your insurance pulls your record for some reason. Never tell them and don't change companies while it's still on your record, and they never know. My insurance company told me this themselves."

Of course we had to check. And it turns out, she's partially right.

When you get a ticket, it becomes part of your official driving record or "motor vehicle report." That's on file with the DMV. A local insurance agent tells us your insurance company is supposed to pull your motor vehicle report every year. But each one costs between $8 and $11, and that can get expensive. So they typically pull the reports every three years.

Since most insurance companies don't count a ticket against you after three years, the speeding ticket could never impact your insurance rates.

But younger drivers watch out. "" said insurance carriers check younger drivers' records more frequently. So in a study, they found 41 percent of drivers 18 to 29 year old drivers paid more after a ticket.

Thanks to Wendy for commenting on our story.

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