HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point University recently conducted a poll with North Carolina residents.

They asked residents to give state public education an average grade.

The poll shows 60 percent of North Carolina residents believe public education in North Carolina is headed in the wrong direction.

In a recent poll conducted by UNC-Wilmington, 96 percent of educators said the state was headed in the wrong direction.

Residents were also asked to give the public schools a grade. The most common grade was a C. That comes from 40 percent of the residents. B and D each 22 percent, 7 percent of the people gave schools an F and 5 percent gave them an A.

Residents were split on using standardized tests to judge teachers and schools.

Fifty-five percent said they were in favor of administering mandatory standardized tests to all students in grades three through eight, as well as selected high school courses. Thirty-nine percent of people opposed to standardized testing.

Finally, 47 percent favor states rating school based on test schools and 48 percent opposed.