Randolph County detectives charged into the home of a man suspected of having child pornography.


ASHEBORO, NC-- Randolph County detectives charged into the home of a man suspected of having child pornography.

Police and law enforcement are using special teams and technology they can't even reveal to track cyber crimes online to the front door of a suspected criminal.

WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford got rare access with Randolph County Sheriff's detectives as they went after a man accused of having child pornography.

Thursday afternoon, it started in the briefing room with one last check of the house, the suspect, and points of entry. Then we were off to get the man accused of downloading child porn at his home in Asheboro.

"Anyone that could hurt our kids, that's just kind of the lowest of the low," said Detective Bernie Maness.
It took a lot of investigative work before deputies execute a search warrant.

"We're always searching and surfing. He was a download candidate. We took what he had and saw the imagery and it was of a child being abused," said Maness.

Law enforcement has ways to find out when someone downloads child pornography. Detective Maness told WFMY News 2 their main goal is to rescue victims. It starts with stopping offenders.

Maness said, "It's children being raped. It's not just nude photographs. It's people raping children and it bothers you even as a cop who's seen it."

Odds are, those who download child porn won't stop there.

"You're drawn to that type of imagery, given the opportunity to act out on it, there's some studies that show that there's an 80 to 85% chance that you will indeed act out on that."

The suspect is 34-year-old Jonathan Swiney. He was arrested and taken to the Randolph County jail. So far, he was charged with felony second degree sexual exploitation of a minor. His bond is set at $50,000.

Detectives told WFMY they collected hard drives and computers. They'll be shipped to a lab for further investigation.

WEB EXTRA: Deputies break down the door to get to a man suspected of having child porn. WFMY News 2

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