GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Hi-tech criminals can scan your credit card without ever seeing or touching it. All they have to do is get near it.

That's because many credit cards are embedded with a microchip that sends out signals with your information, and criminals have found a way to intercept that signal.

The signal is called Radio Frequency Identification, and thieves can steal it with a portable scanner or card reader.

This good samaritan was more than happy to give to a woman in need. What she didn't know was that she had just become the target of high-tech pickpockets. VPC

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A woman in Atlanta told WFMY News 2's sister station she was a victim of this crime.

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"Everyone's not a bad person. You take the lesson from the setback, but I'll never stop helping people," said Tymika Jackson.

Tymika Jackson says she was at a gas station when someone came up to her asking for money for gas. She gave the woman money and in return, the woman hugged Jackson to thank her. The woman's male friend also wanted a hug. Jackson believes when he hugged her, he scanned her cards.

Jackson says less than two hours after leaving the gas station, those crooks stole thousands of dollars from her debit card.

You can protect yourself from this scanning scheme by purchasing a wallet or sleeve that's labeled RFID-Protector. Cards that have these chips might have the word Paypass or Blink on them.

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