SOPHIA, N.C. – A fire that happened at an abandoned building in Sophia Sunday was not the first time firefighters responded to this location.

"It appears that the target are abandoned buildings," said Brian Causey with the Guil-Rand Fire Department.

Fire officials told WFMY News 2's they received the call around 1:30 a.m. for the abandoned building located on Beeson Farm Road.

Firefighters believe the fire is connected to four other fires that happened at the location back in March.

"This structure that we are presently was also involved in a fire at that time. And here we are again. It has been set again. All the fires are suspicious. And it appears that there might be starting backup. We want to the public to beware of these happening. If you have abandoned properties in your area. Please be aware and keep an eye out for those things."

Those fires are still under investigation.

"This is a suspicious fire and it is definitely tied into the March fires."

A special task force plan on heading back out to investigate on Tuesday.

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