WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – After 29 years of serving at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice, Resident Superior Court Judge Ron Spivey has decided to retire.

Judge Spivey announced his plansto step down Wednesday and says he will seek Senior Judge/Emergency Judge Status on November 1.

Spivey mostly recently was the judge who declared a mistrial in the Hasani Wesley trial.

Spivey has been a Superior Court Justice since 2000, was a Forsyth County District Court Judge from 1994-2000, and as assistant district attorney from 1986-1994.

Senior Judge status allows Spivey to continue to rule in court when he called by the Administrative Office of the Courts. It also will allow him to immediately begin a private practice as a Superior Court Mediator and Arbitrator.

Officials say Spivey's present term will end in 2018.

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