One year after her disappearance was first reported there are still no answers as to what exactly happened to Erica Parsons. Now, her biological mother is trying to keep her memory alive.

While the investigation and search for Erica appear to be stalled, Erica's birth mom is planning a vigil for her on August 1.

The Rowan County teen hasn't been seen since November of 2011. She was just reported missing last July.

Investigators suspect foul play, and say Erica's adoptive parents, Sandy and Casey Parsons, aren't telling the truth.

Carolyn Parsons says the upcoming vigil is also about community.

"We need to pull together as a community, as a town, as people in general and show this little girl, that even though she had a sheltered life that her life mattered to someone other than her."

There have been no arrests in the case. There is a $40,000 reward for information about Erica's whereabouts.

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