GREENSBORO – Parents across the county are still leaving their children in hot cars. There was another case over the weekend in Georgia and one in Texas on Monday, but those instances ended with the children being rescued by good samaritans.

A group of strangers broke a car window to rescue two children from a hot car near Houston Monday and it was all recorded on someone's cell phone. Apparently, the children's mom left them in the car while she was getting a haircut at a nearby salon. You can read more about the story by clicking here.

WFMY News 2 showed people that video and asked them how they would respond if they were to ever see a child alone in a hot car. Most of the people said they wouldn't just walk away. Here's what some Greensboro residents told us they would do:

"It almost becomes an obligation in the right situation," Casey Keating said. "If you cannot find the child's parents, the owner of the vehicle and if the authorities aren't close by and if the child is in distress, then you have to break the window."

"I'd probably call the police first and if it was taking too long or if it looked like they were in danger, I'd probably try and smash the window," Carla Skipper said.

"Well, I would do the same thing if I saw a kid in the car with no adult," Sydney Ngo said.

But there are consequences of taking action, like smashing a car's windows. Greensboro police said the owner of the car can still press charges. Lawyers suggest you call 911 and wait for police to arrive, or at least make sure you have a witness before you start breaking into the vehicle.

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