GREENSBORO, N.C.-- A Greensboro Police officer who was under investigation in a stolen check case has been fired. The crimes allegedly happened at the officer's former job in Denton.

Tuesday, after the allegations came to light, Cameron Brafford was placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the Greensboro Police Department (GPD). Detectives with GPD assisted with the initial investigation and the two agencies developed sufficient evidence to charge Brafford with the offenses.

Denton police charged Brafford with: Larceny by Employee, Forgery, two counts of Uttering of Forged Instrument and Obtaining Property by False Pretense.

Friday, Chief Ken Miller with Greensboro Police said after receiving additional information linking Brafford to several thefts of checks from his former employer, Brafford was terminated from the police department..

Chief Miller released this statement about Brafford's termination:"We are incredibly disappointed by this young man's actions" said Chief Ken Miller. "We entrust our officers to enforce and uphold the law. Willful violations of the law are counter to everything we stand for. They contradict our values, embarrass our profession, and harm the reputation the good men and women who are committed to selfless service."

Brafford can't appeal his termination because he was still in his probationary status, police said.

Background on Brafford from news release: Brafford joined GPD on Nov, 1, 2013. He graduated from the 97th Police Basic Introductory Course in May 2014 and was receiving supervised patrol officer training at the time of this investigation.

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