-1 box chocolate cake mix- prepared according to package

-1 box white cake mix- prepared according to package

-Food coloring- black, purple and orange

-2 bundt pans

-1 chocolate candy bar

-Fruit roll ups

-Green gummy worms

-Frosting glaze- 2 cups powdered sugar

-2 tablespoons milk

-1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon light corn syrup

-½ teaspoon vanilla extract


-Stir all ingredients until well blended.

-Divide the white cake mix into two bowls.

-Add orange food coloring to one bowl and purple to the other.

-Add black food coloring to the chocolate cake mix.

-Pour the chocolate cake mix into the bundt pans.

-Slowly add the purple cake mix and then the orange cake mix.

-Bake as directed on package.

-Cut the tops of the bundt cakes to ensure they are flat.

-Add a small amount of the orange frosting to the top of one bundt cake.

-Turn the other bundt cake upside down and place it on top of the other cake so the cut side are touching.

-Frost the cake with the remainder of the frosting.

-Place the candy bar in the top of the cake to make the stem.

-Cut eyes, nose and mouth out of the fruit roll up.

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