One of the most important members of a sports team is the mascot. They are the epitome of school spirit, they pump up the crowd and the players. But what does it take to be one?

I went to Wake Forest University to find out. Blake Edmunds has been coaching the Demon Deacon mascot for years. He told me there are three things they look for in a mascot.

"Number one overall we need school spirit. We need the number one fan that represents Wake Forest University. Second, I would say passion, and third we're looking for potential, we know you're not going to be the best right off the bat, but we're gonna get you there."

He also put me through the audition process. He said they judge you on your ability to improvise, how well you pantomime, and whether or not you can bust a move.

After hearing the rules and what they're looking for, I was ready to audition. I danced my heart out in front of Wake Forest University cheerleaders and the Demon Deacon himself! Watch and hear what they thought!

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