GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Greensboro Police Department has released the results of its 10-week traffic safety initiative on Battleground Avenue, a campaign that ended Friday.

The crackdown on reckless driving involved 24/7 law enforcement presence from Cornwallis Drive to Horse Pen Creek Road. During the campaign, police issued 1,035 citations, the majority of which were seat belt violations (334). Following seat belt violations in frequency were invalid or no registration (272), speeding (99), "other traffic charges" (81) and equipment violations (79).

Officer J. Brian Price said he is pleased with the number of seat belt citations issued, as seat belt usage was among the primary objectives in instituting the campaign on Battleground Ave. He also noted though officers did not issue a large quantity of citations for following too closely or ignoring red light signals, those violations were among the most looked for during the campaign.

Price said law enforcement will continue to monitor and check the progress on Battleground Avenue. He cited a proven reduction in the number of crashes on Wendover Avenue, where police implemented a similar campaign last year.

He said the Greensboro Police Department is considering other Greensboro roadways on which to try a traffic safety enforcement initiative. He mentioned High Point Road / Lee Street, Market Street and Friendly Avenue are among those under consideration.

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