Smash and flip tire workouts attack fat and instantly boost your metabolism helping you to lose weight.


Greensboro, N.C. -- You know losing weight is not easy. You know it's going to be a commitment. But all it takes is one honest look in the mirror for you to start attacking your goals and make a change.

It wasn't necessarily a mirror, but the TV that showed WFMY News 2 Anchor Tracey McCain her bulge.

"I saw a little puddin' snack around my belly right around the time we got engaged last June," Tracey said on the Good Morning Show. "Then honesty factored in. It was "honestly" time to lose weight."

It wasn't until January, that Tracey got serious. "I got with the right trainer and pushed myself. Now I'm 45 pounds lighter!"

A smart diet and workouts with personal trainer Strawn Wilson did the trick.

"The key is to shock the body and get your heart rate up," said Wilson, who owns Wilson's Training in High Point.

What's a better way to shock the body, than to flip two huge, 50 pound plus tires around. It's part of Wilson's Smash and Flip Tire workouts which are draining but an instant cardio booster.

The exercises are hard work, but eventually training becomes second nature and even fun. And working out with a friend keeps it going.

Tracey pulled friend and coworker Cami Anthony into the Team Wilson gym for workouts. Wilson and Anthony, a senior producer at WFMY News 2 demonstrated the exercises with Tracey live on the Good Morning Show Wednesday.

Be sure to watch the video to check them out.

You can get in contact with Strawn Wilson online by clicking here or by calling his studio at 336-517-7987.

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