Mike Carr's Retro Summer Sports Camp encourages outdoor play and face-to-face interaction.


Greensboro, N.C. -- Thirty years ago, kids went outside to play for hours at a time. But with all of the electronic distractions kids have today, old-fashioned fun games such as Tag, Red Rover and Twister are fading fast.

Mike Carr, from Mike Carr Karate and Fitness started a camp that encourages kids to focus on outdoor play, face-to-face interaction and fun without any distractions.

Carr's 1970's Retro Summer Sports Camp is a week-long program for children ages 5 to 15-years-old. Campers are introduced to games such as Twister, Monopoly and Checkers among others. Sports activities, soccer, Nerf Football, hiking and swimming are also part of the program.

"If it didn't exist in 1975, it won't be allowed at camp," said Carr Tuesday on the Good Morning Show. "We need to reintroduce outdoor play to today's kids."

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