Watch as our community comes together to build ramps for people living with disabilities in our area.


GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Sixth Annual Greensboro Ramp-A-Thon is helping make the lives of people living with disabilities in our community easier.

Community Housing Solutions leads this event and is building or repairing 11 ramps in four days. Dozens of volunteers are dedicating their time to build these ramps. Eighty of them are high school and college students on summer break. Their goal is to provide ramps for low-income families with disabilities through our community's support.

One of the folks receiving a ramp this year is 15-year-old Allyson. She is a sophomore in high school and has cerebral palsy. She says having a ramp will give her independence and the ability to do things kids her age get to do. Allyson's mom calls her a "burst of sunshine in a wheelchair" and we couldn't agree more.

She told us Allyson is a huge fan of The Good Morning Show so Tracey McCain decided to visit the build site and surprise her!

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