A Triad grandmother tries for months to get a refund from Miracle to Life Vitamins. See how long it takes Call for Action.


GREENSBORO, NC -- We've all brought products we thought ....hoped....would live up to their promise. Whether it's the newest eye cream or the latest product for your lawn. And we've all thought the company would live up to its promise of giving our money back if the product didn't work. An on-the-go grandmother bought a product to make sure she kept up her pace. When it didn't work, her attempts to return it for a refund ground to a complete halt. Zula Parker reached out to Call for Action to see if we could jump start the process.

Zula stays in step with her granddaughter, a high school drum major. She helps the East Davidson High marching band get its equipment on and off the field during competitions. Zula says, "They'd have so many minutes or they'd be penalized."

Zula bought Miracle to Life Vitamins to keep up her energy. She paid $119. "They said they help with your joints and movement."

A month later though, Zula says, "I didn't tell any difference."

Zula wanted her money back. And that would require a lot of energy.To get a refund, Miracle to Life Vitamins said she had to send a certified letter to get an authorization number. That didn't work. So she called and called and finally got one. She mailed the vitamins back and then waited. The company got her package Christmas Eve but by the end of January, Zula still didn't have her refund.

She started calling Miracle to Life once a week - for month. "When I told them I was going to contact you, they just said do what you got to do. And that's what I did."

Then things picked up speed. We called Miracle to Life on March 4. We called again two days later. They'd refunded her money. Customer service said it took three months because the company had an invalid credit card number for her account. At some point, she must have talked to someone in the credit department and given them the correct number, they said.

Zula says, "The only time I gave them my credit card number was when I ordered."

Miracle to Life Vitamins does not have a Better Business Bureau rating.But it does have four registered complaints. So always remember to look for a company's complaints and grade with the B-B-B before you buy.

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