A certified food safety person is the most important person in the restaurant kitchen when it comes to keep you safe.


GREENSBORO, NC -- The most important person at a restaurant may not be the manager Yup! It's not necessarily the cook either! As of the January 1, restaurants must have a certified food safety person in charge for every shift. Why does it matter to you? Chef and GTCC culinary instructor Keith Gardiner explains.

He says, "It's very important for the person in charge to be certified in sanitation and safety. Number one - so they can train the rest of their employees. Also, they're aware of what's going on in the kitchen and make sure that these health code violations aren't happening in other areas. So by being certified, they know how to address the problems and keep them from happening - it's really proactive.

Keith says ideally every person handling food should at least have the safe food handler certification so they know what's going on. He says some states require it like Florida, Californian, and New York.

Restaurants can lose up to two points for this violation.

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