GREENSBORO, NC -- Think about this: Are all the light bulbs in your kitchen covered? In restaurants, they have to be covered, coated or shatter resistant. In this Restaurant Report Card lesson, chef and GTCC culinary instructor Keith Gardiner explains why.

Keith says, "If a light bulb is not covered, if it shatters - especially like a florescent bulb - they shatter in so many pieces, they just go everywhere. While you can throw the food away, the problem is you don't know how far that broken glass is going to reach. You find pieces of glass later - weeks later - sometimes - in places you never thought it would get to."

Keith says kitchens are so big and spread out that the amount of food you would have to throw away to be sure that you were safe and didn't have glass in anything would be ridiculousness. "You have to keep it covered so there's no risk of that happening. You just never know how far and what food to throw away."

Keith says another problem, someone could get hurt. "If it shatters over an employee, they could get cut or something like that."

Restaurants can lose up to one point for this violation.

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