ATLANTA (WXIA)-- For years, former Braves third basemen Chipper Jones took care of the younger players on the roster, helping them along the way.

Even though Jones has been retired for a two years now, he is still taking care of his former teammates - just not on the baseball field.

During Tuesday's winter storm, Jones helped former teammate and current Braves first basemen, Freddie Freeman out of the cold weather with the help of his 4 wheeler.

The entire "rescue" was document on Twitter, with Jones tweeting: "Guess what?? It's really cold on the streets of Roswell and crabapple on a 4 wheeler! But my boy @FreddieFreeman5 was stranded. I got you!"

Jones went on to tweet: "He hugged me the whole way home!" referring to his and Freeman's ride to warmer temperatures.