RIVERVIEW, Fla. -- No bull: This was one interesting distress call to Hillsborough County deputies and rescue crews.

Florida deputies jumped into a retention pond to save a bull from drowning. The first deputy on the scene held the bull's head above water for 45 minutes until more help arrived. The bull was not injured.

The sheriff's office says a man out mowing the grass along Madison Avenue spotted the 20-year-old, 1,000-pound bull struggling in a small retention pond and called police.

When a deputy arrived, she could see the bull was struggling to keep his head above water and was very close to drowning. She immediately jumped into the pond and held the bull's head above water for about 45 minutes until reinforcements arrived.

Meanwhile, another deputy stood watch for gators.

With a combined effort, the bull was successfully removed from the pond and, after about 30 minutes, the bull was up and walking around. He was not injured.

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