SOUTH GLENN FALLS, N.Y. -- A wind storm caused a freak accident that caused a bounce house to cut loose, soaring it into the air with kids still inside.

The accident happened Monday afternoon in New York State. According to, boys, ages 5 and 6, were thrown from about 15 feet above ground. One of the boys suffered a "traumatic head injury," the paper said. A 10-year-old girl was also hurt.

PostStar says one of the boys landed on a parked car when he was thrown from the popular "bounce house," while another landed on asphalt. The inflatable was not enclosed at the top and just had netting around its sides.

A resident of a nearby apartment complex said the bounce house was picked up like it was a small tornado. "It was like a horror movie," she told "It just kept going up and up. It cleared our building and the trees."

In all, the bounce house went at least 50 feet in the air before clearing a section of trees and landing near a school.

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