Two people are facing charges after a woman tries to steal a police car with officers still inside


PITTSBURGH, P.A. --Two people are facing charges after a woman allegedly tried to steal a Pittsburgh Police cruiser after leaving a nightclub.

According to our reports, 32-year-old Ria Buford jumped into the unmarked cruiser while two officers were still sitting inside. Another officer had reportedly stepped out of the vehicle to take a call.

Buford and another man involved in the incident are now both facing public drunkenness charges, as well as other counts.

Buford was leaving club after a Wiz Khalifa concert after-party. She sad right down in the driver's seat of the cruiser, allegedly telling the officers she wanted to drive it to get back to her own vehicle.

The officers managed to pull her out of the vehicle. That's when another man came over and reportedly told them not to touch Buford.

The Post-Gazette reports police were able to subdue the man as well, and both were then taken into custody.

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