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Today: Scattered showers. Especially in the Morning. (Temps Hold in the Mid and upper 40's.)

Tonight: Clouds. Spotty, Light Showers. Low 34.

Saturday: Partly Sunny and Chilly. High: 46.

Sunday: Mostly Sunny. High: 55.

Monday: Sun & Cloudy. 30% Shower Chance High: 62.

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny. High: 67

Wednesday:Partly Cloudy. High: 70.

Weather Summary:

A cold front will slowly move east to the Carolina coast today. An upper-level disturbance will move through overnight. High pressure with chilly air will build over the area through the weekend. The high will move off shore early next week. This will allow temperatures to warm.

Scattered showers are likely today especially this morning. Showers will be more spotty in nature this afternoon. Temperatures were in the lower 60's overnight but have cooled into the mid and upper 40's and will hold there for the rest of the day. Tonight the upper-level disturbance will bring a few spotty showers with a low of 34. The sky will become partly sunny on Saturday but it will be chilly with a high of 46. With a clear sky expected Saturday night and near calm winds, temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 20's. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high of 55.

With the high pressure moving off shore, winds will become more southwesterly early next week. Monday will be partly sunny with a few isolated showers possible and a high of 62. Tuesday will be mostly sunny and Wednesday will be partly sunny. Tuesday's high will be 67, and 70 on Wednesday. The morning low on Monday will be 38, 41 on Tuesday morning, and 44 on Wednesday.

The normal high is 64, and the normal low is 42.

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