It is not that rare for tropical systems to move inland and impact the Triad. It is, however, fairly uncommon for the Triad to have a system maintain it's strength and have it's center actually pass directly over the Triad.

A WFMY News 2 viewer asked Chief Meteorologist Grant Gilmore, " Has a hurricane ever moved over the Triad?" Surprisingly, in recorded history (1859-current), the Triad has only had one hurricane move through the Triad. This hurricane was an unnamed hurricane that moved through the Triad on August 28, 1893. As the storm passed right through the heart of the Triad it had sustained winds of 86 mph.

In total the Triad has had 19 tropical depressions, tropical storms or the one hurricane pass through. Since more reliable tropical records began in 1950 the Triad has only seen 8 storms.

The last storm to move through the Triad was Tropical Depression Cindy. The weakening storm moved through the North Carolina Foothills on July 7, 2005 with winds of only 23 mph.

The last tropical storm to move through the Triad was in 1985. Tropical Storm Bob moved right over Winston-Salem on July 25, 1985 with winds of 63 mph.


There were so much people that tried to guess what storm was the last hurricane to move through the Triad we wanted to show you the tracks of many of your guesses. The majority of the 2 Wants To Know viewers that thought they knew the answer to our question, "What was the last hurricane who's center moved directly through the Triad?", thought it was Hurricane Fran, Hugo or Hazel. In the video below Chief Meteorologist Grant Gilmore shows you the tracks of those three storms and what their strengths were as they moved through Triad.

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