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TodayHigh Clouds, Mixed with Sunshine. Warm. High 69.

Tonight: Clouds Increase. Low 49.

Sunday: Mostly Cloudy. Shower Possible Late-Day. 20% Shower Chance. High 64.

Monday: Cloudy, Chilly and Wet with Showers. 50% Shower Chance. High 49.

Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy. 50% Shower Chance. High 54.

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy. 50% Shower Chance. High 60.

Weather Summary:

High pressure over the Mid-Atlantic region will bring mild temperatures to the Piedmont through Sunday. A cold front over the Midwest will move slowly eastward. As cold high pressure builds over the Great Lakes, the northern end of the cold front will move southward through Virginia Sunday and into the North Carolina Piedmont Sunday night and Monday. This will set up a wedge of quite cool air over the area early next weekend along with a chance of rain through Wednesday morning.

Today we will see a mix of sun and clouds as temperatures warm to near 70. Tonight clouds will continue to increase with a low of 49. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with a 20% shower chance later in the day. The high on Sunday will be 64.

Rain chance increase to 50% for Monday through Tuesday night. Monday’s high will only be 49. The high on Tuesday will be 54. Morning lows Monday and Tuesday will be in the low to mid 40’s. Rain will taper off Wednesday and clearing will take place Wednesday afternoon. The high on Wednesday will be near 60.

The normal high is 56, and the normal low is 36.

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