Victims Of Greensboro Murder, Assault Spree Remembered

Menice Smith is accused of killing two women, and brutally beating another.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The people who knew Menice Smith describe him as quiet, reserved, unsuspecting.

He's accused of and killing two women, beating one woman to near death, and later killing himself.

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"She was such a sweet person."

Shelley Ball did not want to believe it. When she heard Jamie Goode's name on the news, she prayed it wasn't the same Jamie she interned for, and had come to love.

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"In the 5 short weeks that I knew her, we became pretty close," explained Shelley Ball, friend of Jamie Goode."We would joke around, and she would hug me and I would hug her if we were talking about something that may be upsetting, or sharing good news, and things and she was just really a good friend and a good person."

Police believe Menice Smith shot and killed Jamie in her home on Sydney Oaks Drive. She was 36 years old.

He's also accused of killing Michaela Brewington, who would have turned 47 on Thursday.

"She was very charming. Very ambitious person," said Gloria Simpson, a friend of Michaela.

Michaela's aunt, Lori Norman, said, "I'll miss her spirit, her laugh."

Smith also brutally beat 52-year-old Deborah Huffines with a crowbar. Her sister says they're taking her recovery one day at a time.

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"We're just celebrating her life, thanking God that she's alive. That's the main thing. We're not trying to dwell on any of the bad, we're just thankful she's alive," said Phyllis Hardin, Deborah's sister.

Shelley says Jamie told her she felt safe when she dated Menice Smith. She said she and can't imagine anyone trying to hurt Jamie.

"If you ever met her, you would never forget her. Never forget her," said Ball. "She left behind a legacy and a lot of people who she's changed their lives in ways that she would never even know."

Shelley reached out to WFMY News 2 to talk about Jamie. She said she did not want her to be remembered for this tragic crime but for the person she was.

Police say they are trying to figure out why this happened, but they say it's a question they might never be able to answer.

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