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A tale of 2 Triad hauntings

Eric Chilton walks us through the two most famous haunted places in the Triad.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Thousands of visitors come and go from Old Salem every year but there's one song who won't leave Andrea's crimson lived in Salem in the late 1700s and made a name for himself in the community but not in a good way

"He had a reputation of someone who would not cooperate so he was assigned to be a chimney sweep when he first moved here but there are records that show that he didn't sweep chimneys for even 6 weeks before quitting and running off to the next job," says Old Salem employee Joel Cook, "he died not too long later while digging a basement and the wall collapsed on him. And that's when the sightings began."

"I was getting ready to tell them about the pottery and somebody pushed me and I turned around to see if it was one of the sisters that needed something and there was no one here," said former guide Dixie Freeman.

Hauntings have gone on for over 230 years and the little red man, as he is called, continues to be a statewide legend and mystery.

Miles down the road lies one of the most haunted venues in all of the state. The Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro boasts not one but many spirits.

J.D. Swisher was an employee for over 20 years and he recalls a story that one of his former coworkers would tell over and over.

"My sense departed friend Phil told a story about looking up in the balcony during play rehearsals and seeing a woman in a long flowing gown get up and walk into the wall," said Swisher.

April Sturdavant works at the theater as a sound engineer and she too has heard stories about "The lady" on the balcony.

"We have heard that same story but in addition to that we have heard the sound of a little boy playing on stage In fact one night someone was closing in a bolt from a screw went rolling across the stage and bumped into his shoe just after he had addressed the spirit as if he were there"

The Carolina Theater actually has security came footage where they think they've spotted glowing orbs floating through the main room or flashes of light that appear at random. Things have also fallen over in the middle of the night by themselves, all caught on security cameras.

It's up to you whether you believe these are not but one thing's for sure the stories and the sightings and the experiences continue.