ASHEVILLE, NC – Does your dog have what it takes to make it on the big screen?

Asheville-based Bonesteel Films issued a casting call on its Facebook page for all talented “well-behaved and well-trained” canines in the Carolinas for a commercial shoot.


And while your dog may not be the next Air Bud or Lassie, there's still hope if they can meet a few requirements.

Your dog must be able to sit, stay, and come on command and show an ability to comfortably interact with actors. The ad promised the owner of the dog selected will be paid, but the specifics of the compensation aren’t mentioned.

The one-day shoot will take place in Asheville on August 2 or 3. Anyone interested in auditioning their dog should submit photos and video of them performing the commands to Paige Blankenship. You can contact her by clicking here.