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Greensboro family writes a kid's book to teach social distancing

Claire Lanier asked her mother and sister to help create a book to ease children's worries during the pandemic

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Claire Lanier's mother really wanted to see her 4 month old grandchild but the pandemic was locking everyone up. 

"It was hard on my mom to not be able to see my child. We talked about it a greart deal and all the emotion that went with it. So we decided to write a children's book that might help everyone understand the situation." said Lanier.

Dudley Duckling is designed to help kids understand why we had to separate, even within families, during the quarantine. It's the story of a little duck who couldn't see his grandma when he got sick. 

"Hopefully it will help kids understand what's going on and why we have to do it but also to understand that it will all be okay in the long run." continued Lanier.

Her sister, Caroline put the final touches on the story by providing the artwork.

The book will be in stores soon but until then you can pre-order the book here if you wish.

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