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How billboards are becoming mobile art galleries

The Art Pop Street Gallery competition allows us to admire incredible art as we drive down the street.

When Jessica Tefft takes a photo she is focused on the moment, not whether or not that picture will be "the one". Like most artists, she focuses on her quality of work and not the marketing side of being an artist. That's why the Art Pop Street Gallery program from the Winston-Salem Arts Council is so important.

"I never thought my art would be shown on such a huge canvas as a roadway billboard," said Tefft, "It's great for artists like me to be recognized and get this kind of exposure."

The competition had 6 winners this year. Picked from hundreds or even thousands of other participants, the winners are placed on several Lamar Outdoor billboards for the rest of the year.

"As artists, we all strive for a piece that makes people think and touches them in a personal manner.  I like for my art to be interactive and really you can't get much more interactive than a billboard that thousands of people will see every day," said Tefft.

The Art Pop Street Gallery is a yearly event. If anyone wants to enter the competition go to the Winston-Salem Arts Council for more information.