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I've seen horse racing but not a Dachshund race!

Earlier.org had huge success with their Doxie Derby and you can expect another set of races next year.

SUMMERFIELD, N.C. — On your marks, get set... who let the doxies out?!!!!

That's what crowds heard at the first-ever Doxie Derby and Family Festival in Summerfield Farms over the weekend.

The benefit for Earlier.org featured Dachshund races throughout the day as well as games for the kids. All the proceeds went to research for the development of earlier detection for breast cancer.

"As a breast cancer survivor myself I can tell you that more research is desperately needed," said Earlier.org's Martha Kealy, "There is some very promising new research that can detect free-flowing cancer cells long before a tumor even forms. This would allow doctors to detect it with a simple blood test and in turn, would mean a higher survival rate due to the early detection."

The dachshund races were the highlight of the event.

"The crowds simply loved the cute factor of the dogs," said Stephanie Lomax, festival coordinator, "We were surprised at the turnout and the interest in the first event. I'm sure this will become an annual event at this point."

Earlier.org has all the information you need.