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Kyle Petty's new show combines cars and food

Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty gives us a personal look at athletes and entertainers and their lives

GREENSBORO, N.C. — America's love affair with its cars has been a thing for decades. Now, add food to that and you probably have the two things that America loves most.  Then why not have a show that combines these two PLUS a few celebrities.

That's exactly what Kyle Petty has done with his latest endeavor called "Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty.

"During the pandemic, I had lots of time to think and I was recalling how most people have a car that is their sentimental favorite. Not the dream car or the most expensive they ever owned but the one with the most memories," said Petty, "Then it hit me. What if I did a show where I went to an athlete or celebrity's home and took a peek at their classic car and get the backstory of why they love it so much. Oh, and after that, we go grab a bite to eat at their favorite eatery."

The show is already getting lots of attention and Petty says it's the personal stories that drive the show's appeal.

"Stories like why Pitbull's favorite car is a 1976 Ford Pinto, or that Ric FLair's favorite car he owned for less than a day," continued Petty, "The answers to these questions are fascinating and they give you a real look into who these people really are. Not just the glitz and glamour."

Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty is on the Circle Network.