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Movie lovers, what is it that makes a film your favorite?

The movie industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but now more people are returning to the theaters. What’s the fascination with movie watching?

People are headed back to the movies in droves, after theaters across the nation were forced to close at the start of the pandemic.

Since, people were not able to watch movies on the big screen, they streamed films and shows at home. 

Through movies, you can explore different topics you’re interested in or don’t know much about. Whether it’s about dealing with cancer, the pandemic, or espionage, you’re learning about what happened, how did the characters handle the situation, and what the outcome was. Movies can give you possibilities that perhaps, you have thought of yet. Or, what it might be like to be in a similar situation.

Emotions are another reason you’re drawn to movies. The movie takes you on a journey of a character’s life by the plot, conflict, and resolution. There can be an emotional release during this journey, whether happiness, sadness, anger, or hope, because of different life situations such as a breakup, death, and rebuilding your life after a tragedy.

Sometimes, you might like a particular movie so much that you watch it over and over. One reason is psychological; the emotional release (how it made you feel) and the lessons learned (the message – from tragedy to triumph) in the movie can be the draw to watch a movie on repeat. Another reason is the entertainment factor – the cinematography, special effects, imagination.

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