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My 2 Cents: A "Margaritaville" state of mind for summer

Eric Chilton shows us what he did to keep that "Margaritaville" vibe at his house during those summer evenings.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The weather is hot and it really feels like summer but I have another reason its summer at my house. The tiki bar.I worked with someone to put this dream together about 7 years ago.  Basically, it all started when I was sitting on my back porch one summer evening listening to some Jimmy Buffet and wishing I was at the beach.  I have been a "beach person" my whole life and will one day move to the coast in retirement.  So, I thought to myself, how could I grab some of that beachy vibe at my house 100s of miles inland?  The tiki bar! So, I contacted a friend of mine who builds homes for a living and we started designing it.

Now my wife said that there was no way that I could build a tiki bar outside our home. Too tacky, she thought. But then I said what if it comes apart and can be rolled into the garage and not take up a bunch of room? She agreed so off we went.

A few days later we had a 6-foot front bar section with 2 three-foot sides that were all on casters and could disassemble and roll "in-line" back into the right side of my garage!

My friend who worked in construction even took it a few steps further and added a fridge and flamingo lights around the roof!!  Throw in a Landshark Beer Surfboard and some beads and you've got a rolling good time!

Now, this neighborhood icon has become a "thing". I always say when I bring it out it's like the Bat-Signal with Batman. I bring it out and they come over. It truly has turned into a symbol of families and friends and summer vibes. So I say grab your own slice of Margaritaville and enjoy family, friends, and lifetime memories.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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