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My 2 Cents: Coming back home to your kids

Eric Chilton talks about watching his 9-year-old girl's excitement upon seeing her mom after a long trip.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There's something special about those father/son and mother/daughter relationships. Last weekend my wife was returning from an 8-day business trip and during the entire week my youngest, and only daughter, Drew frequently spoke about her mom and how she missed her. Asking every few days, "When will she be home?"

Finally, on Saturday, the moment came. We went to the airport in Greensboro and stood just this side of the "Do Not Enter" sign leading into that long hallway where passengers walk as they leave the gates.

Drew was so excited saying at one point, "Come on Mom!"

I mean she was literally jumping up and down and spinning around waiting for the first sight of her!

Then she saw her and went toe-to-toe with that imaginary line under the "Do Not Enter" sign and when my wife crossed that line bother Drew and her 12-year-old brother Tyler ran to her with a huge hug!

Tyler was excited too but not like Drew. She realizes that Leslie is the only other female in our house. Heck, even when our dog was still alive he was a boy too!

She kept her arm around her during the entire walk to the car asking her to put her down that night.

My heart was swollen with love for them both. Drew may be a Daddy's girl in many ways but nothing trumps the bond between a mother and daughter. It was special.

But that's just my 2 cents.


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