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My 2 Cents: It's the little things

Eric Chilton talks about how sometimes the little things can really set him off.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Ya know, you've probably heard the old saying 'it is the little things'. That usually means the little acts of kindness can go a long way but today I'm looking in the opposite direction. How the little things that go wrong can be so frustrating. LOL

So, there are a few small things that really make me happy. Like enjoying the wonderful taste of a Diet Mountain Dew. Over the past few months, every time I go to the breakroom to get my beloved soda...it won't come out of the machine!!

Yes, there he sits. In slot C-5. Laughing at me. I swipe my card. The card is approved. Every time I punch in the code the LED screen says it's sold out. I'm staring at it. It is NOT sold out. Upon further inspection, there's even a second Diet Mountain Dew laughing at me in the bottom of the machine!

So the torture continues until the vending guy shows up and repopulates the empty racks. Until then, I walk in every day and do it again like it's actually going to work this time.

Maybe I need to drink more water as my wife says. Wait a minute. Maybe she is behind this!!

However, that's just My 2 Cents.