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My 2 Cents: Reading the fine print

Eric Chilton discusses how something as simple as patience and taking the time to read can be life-changing

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So time for My 2 Cents and today I'm going to complain about myself and everyone else that does this. Now look, I'm in the same boat with all of you when I talk about this... the things we give up for the sake of convenience in our lives.

So, I was reading an article in Forbes magazine and this philosopher said he was really concerned about how quickly people will give up control for convenience He said consumers talk all the time about being careful with their data. You want your data to be private, you don't want your information out there. I'm guilty of this too. For example, how many of you read a user agreement when you sign up for an app? You don't. You just click the box and move on and keep going, right?

In that same article, it said there was this telecommunications company that did a poll and they said that if they offered a 15% discount on internet service consumers were willing to give away their browsing data for that convenience. In fact, 98% of the people said they would give away that valuable information to save 15%.

It all comes back to reading, doesn't it? If you're around my age group you may remember commercials and when you were growing up that said R.I.F. reading is fundamental.  I think about it now and it's true. You just need to read a user agreement or read what you're signing or what you're agreeing to before you do it.

You know men, we don't read, women are smarter men. Women read novels all the time. Men just look for pictures, LOL. 

So it all goes back to reading, doesn't it?  A lot of our answers to problems in our lives go back to the fundamentals and its reading. So start reading before you click yes on anything and I'll try to follow suit as well.

But that's just My 2 Cents.