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My 2 Cents: Returning from a long vacation

Eric Chilton talks about that feeling on the Sunday night before heading back to the office.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — So, my family just returned from a week at the beach. It was wonderful. The beach at Oak Island was pristine and we had some of the best family time during this vacation that we have ever had. 

But you know that feeling I had last night. It's that Sunday night dread after a wonderful break. That dread of getting back to the routine. 

Well, I did a little internet research and found an article on Forbes.com about this. Turns out, it is normal and acceptable to get that feeling but there are some signs to watch out for. For example, they said if you get that feeling EARLY in the vacation, like say the Tuesday before you have to be back at work on the next Monday then you might need to consider a job change. (I did not get that feeling, by the way).

They also said that you should try to disconnect from your work as much as possible while away. Now, in my type of job, I can totally do that but my wife cannot. However, she said that answering emails and phone calls while sitting on that back porch looking at the ocean didn't even feel like work. It is like my Mom's old saying that a rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at home.

The bottom line? Enjoy your vacation. Unplug and come back refreshed.  It can actually improve your performance at work when you get that much-needed break.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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