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My 2 Cents: Summer is halfway over?

Eric Chilton talks about the realization that we are rounding the corner of the beloved summer season.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Time for My 2 Cents.  As I talked with my boss this morning she made a comment that summer is almost halfway over. Panic, fear and dread ran through my veins. Not my beloved summer! Leaving already?

We know what we love about summer: vacations. Whether it's the beach or the mountains or where ever, we love those trips and breaks from work.

Weather. Hurricanes withstanding, the weather is usually pretty awesome around here.

Family trips. Now, this one brings back the memories. I mean it makes sense. From about 5 years old through school, summer was freedom and fun. I lived for our annual beach trip every year and could almost cry when it was over.

But, wait. Let's be optimistic. We still have 50% of the season left. So take a deep breath and enjoy it. And parents if you need another shot in the arm...(in a whisper voice)... school starts back in about 6 weeks. :)

But that's just My 2 Cents.