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My 2 Cents: The best and worst Thanksgiving side dishes

Eric Chilton talks about how Thanksgiving dinner is all about the sides.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Ya know truth be told, Thanksgiving dinner is truly about the sides. The bird is great and all but what we really want is those carb-o-licious side dishes.

So, I found a list of the most popular sides on Thrillist.com. Here's what they had to say. 

Number one was mashed potatoes. Cue the angelic choir. I completely agree. That warm mushy, buttery delight is at the top for sure on most people's lists. 

Number two was mac-and-cheese. Now, this one could be at the top of MY list. In fact, I think mac-n-cheese should be the official side of Thanksgiving in my opinion.

Number three was cranberry sauce. I disagree on this one. I don't even want the cranberry sauce to bleed its redness into my other foods. Not good.

Number 4 is stuffing. I absolutely love it! In fact, I think it's called stuffing because we stuff it right in the old pie hole. All that carb-ridden spiced-up bread is the best.

And finally...gravy. I love gravy so much it could be an entree for me. Just give me a little boll and a roll to dip and I am good to go.

Now, the flip side of this is the Harris Poll I found online listing the most disliked sides. After polling 2000 Americans they found candied yams as the number one most disliked side. I might agree with this one.

But I totally disagree with green bean casserole coming in at number two. I love that dish.

Next on the list, and this is funny...cranberry sauce is on BOTH lists!

And lastly...sweet potato casserole. I don't get this. Who the heck are these 2000 Americans?

Regardless of which list you agree with I think we all can agree that it's all about the sides. Sorry, Tom Turkey.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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