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My 2 Cents: Turn signals... USE THEM!

Eric Chilton talks about one of his biggest pet peeves.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When I was driving into work today I didn't know what I was going to do for my two cents but driving back from a story in High Point to Greensboro along i-85 it came to me.... turn signals people use them!

All right so my wife's from Buffalo New York she claims it's a southern thing. I did a little research. It's not. It's all across the country but it really aggravates me.  

I saw this survey from Response Insurance that said 57% of people nationwide don't use turn signals to change lanes on the highway. Do you know how dangerous that is especially on busy highways? Another survey said that 25% don't even use them to make an actual turn!  That survey was conducted by the society of automotive engineers. s

So if you're in the middle of the county somewhere in a rural area and maybe there's not a car in sight, I might give you that one.  Although, I think you should be in the habit at all times because you may not see that one car but don't do that on the highway, please! 

These days a lot of times people have tinted windows and it's not like it used to you be where they could at least see them if they were looking over their shoulder or figuring out where to turn. 

Let's go back to those surveys and these numbers were shocking. 42% said I don't have time to signal, 23% were honest and said I'm too lazy but here's the shocking stat. 7% of them said, hey it adds excitement to driving. 

What is happening right now? 

It's easy folks.  Push it up to turn left and down to turn right.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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