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My 2 Cents: Watching a landmark burn

Eric Chilton talks about how Surry County natives are affected by the Pilot Mountain wildfires.

SURRY COUNTY, N.C. — For a Surry County native, like myself, it is heartbreaking to watch the fires burn hundreds of acres around Pilot Mountain. I mean that mountain is truly a symbol, a landmark for the county. For anyone in the Triad and for that matter in the state, Pilot Mountain is a symbol and when they see that image they know instantly what area you are talking about.

Even in the 1700s when the Native Americans known as the Sauras lived there they used the mountain to navigate by. Their word for the mountain translated into Great Guide or Pilot. Due to its unusual look and size for the foothills region, it was a navigational beacon of sorts for the times.

As I watch the video coming out of Pilot Mountain I found myself tearing up. Not only for those that live nearby but for the state as a whole. That symbol is as recognizable as Kitty Hawk or The U.S.S. North Carolina.

But for this guy. A guy who spent his childhood on and around that landmark it represents more than just a place to catch beautiful views or inspiring hikes. It IS my childhood.

So, as I pray that the fires are contained, I want all those people who feel the same way I do to know that our prayers matter. With any luck this will pass. The trees will come back. The views can't be taken away and neither will the spirit of those who call Pilot Mountain and Surry County home.

But that's just My 2 Cents.