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My 2 Cents: "You better work, Boss"

Eric Chilton talks about a recent social media campaign he came across concerning the American work force.

So, recently I came across an article on a website called What's Trending.com discussing a social media/online campaign called "You better work, Boss".

It seems the job search website Indeed has created a TikTok channel that plays into this concept saying that the campaign is based on data that shows "this generation is redefining their work relationships and expects firms to work harder to attract and retain employees."

So, to me, this is a slap in the face to managers and "bosses". You are literally saying that they need to work hard to get you.  I can't imagine saying that to a manager as I am applying for a new job, especially early in my career.  The system everywhere in the world is simple. You get an opportunity. You work your butt off to show what you're capable of and if you are good at it you climb the ladder...making more money and moving up the chain.  Nowhere, does it say that the boss needs to hunt you out and make it attractive for your working pleasure. The old adage "It's called work for a reason" is true.

I compare this to a bee hive. The queen needs the worker bees to keep the hive populated and the worker bees fill an important need as well. Neither can survive without the other. The machine works well. If the queen stopped her work to attract worker bees then she would stop laying eggs and the hive, or company, ceases to exist.

We live in a country where hard work can pay off.  Plain and simple. You don't get rewarded for just "being". Work hard and move up the ladder of success.

I worry that our country's workforce is fading into their emotions. Everyone wants to be courted.  You can get that feeling down the road once you have worked hard and achieved much. THEN companies may court you and seek you out but you have to put in the work and earned the respect and helped the process be fruitful.

Our collective work ethic matters. We should rethink launching a generation into the workplace with a "you owe me" attitude before they've ever received a bonus.

I don't know if it is parenting or just a social media virus but hard work truly does pay off. It's what this country was built on and its how we will succeed in the future.

Rethink your path and remember we can all have our turn at bat...but there is a batting order and its there for a reason.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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