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My 2 Cents: You'll always be my little girl

Eric Chilton talks about his youngest and only girl, Drew and how hard it is to watch her grow up.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — SO, my youngest, and only girl, Drew had a milestone last week. She got to cheer with her youth cheerleading squads at the varsity game at Northern Guilford High School.

Watching this young girl perform was bittersweet for me. I was immensely proud but at the same time, I couldn't help but see that little adorable toddler that I remember just 5 years ago. Those chubby cheeks and little 'rubber bands' around her wrists have all faded into dimples and a thin lean little girl.

The reality is that 5 years, which seems so short to an adult, equals a world of change for a kid. I realized at that moment that in another 5 years she will be a teenager and only a few years from driving.  It was almost too much. So I just shook it off and focused on that sweet smile and the pride I could feel coming from her as she cheered with her teammates. She was watching me constantly to see if I was still watching. And if another cheerleader moved in front of her line-of-sight with me, she would scoot to one side to make sure I could watch her.

She's the apple of my eye and seeing her so proud just about made me burst with pride as well.

Last thought. If you are a young parent and suffering through those first 4 years when it seems like there is no end just remember....there is an end. And you may find yourself longing for another few days of that cute toddler stage or even that 2-year-old chubby smile. It goes fast. Stop to enjoy it while you can.