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Small town theaters are making a comeback

Dewey and Leslie Brown are reviving small town downtowns one theater at a time.

REIDSVILLE, N.C. — Dewey and Leslie Brown are on a mission. The couple took over the Liberty Showcase Theater a while back and went to work on bringing great acts to the small community. Now they have their sights set on a new theater in Reidsville.

"We had some connections in the Reidsville area and heard of the availability of the theater and decided to acquire the property to restore some life to a once-great facility," said Leslie Brown. "Now we are beginning the restoration project with the hopes of opening a few months down the road."

The Browns hope they can bring in the same quality acts they do at The Liberty Showcase and continue yet another revitalization of an aging theater.

"With the pandemic sometimes a smaller venue can be handled even safer than some of the larger ones and its time these smaller towns have an entertainment outlet not requiring an hour's drive," said Brown.

Check out The Liberty Showcase website for the latest on the theaters.