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Strange trivia makes for good watercooler banter

Eric Chilton's self-proclaimed "Useless Trivia" may not be worth much in the wallet but he says you'll be fun at parties!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We begin our useless trivia fest at your local theater.

Have you ever wondered why theatre seats are usually red? Well, according to lifesavvy.com here's why. It seems that red is the first color that the human eye loses as the light dim out. Essentially making all those seats around you fade away forcing your attention to the screen or stage.

Next up we venture into the land of science. Did you know that Hawaii is drifting toward Alaska at the rate of about 3 inches per year? According to National Geographic.org It's all due to plate tectonics but we did the math and it will take a long time for the two to meet. 64,880,640 years to be exact. Safe to say.... we won't see that.

Let's talk about cockroaches. I know... gross. We've all heard that they could survive a nuclear bomb but what if you cut off their heads? Hard to believe but Scientific American says they can live for a week....headless!  It's because they breathe out of little holes along their bodies and not out of the mouth. In fact, they would only die after a week because they thirst to death since their mouths would be gone.

Last but not least we talk about the "best by" debate. We've seen the "best by" date on lots of our products but did you know that for some foods that doesn't mean you can't eat them after that date. In fact, some foods NEVER spoil! One that shocked me is honey. According to onegoodthingbyjillee.com honey is made up of 17% water. Scientists say that's not enough to produce bacteria. They say that honey actually dehydrates bacteria becoming its own security system. Now, honey will crystallize but never actually go bad.

Now, take this useless knowledge and impress your coworkers at the old watercooler!

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