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Cheeseburger egg rolls are on the menu

The versatile dish taking your egg rolls to a whole new level!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Today we are taking eggrolls to a whole new level!
Joining us this morning - our good friend Chef Valencia
from the Community Culinary School.
We're making Cheeseburger Eggrolls with a special Dipping sauce.

Here is what you need to know:


1 pk Vegan egg roll warps

1 pk creamy melt cheese blend

1 pk shredded cheddar cheese

1.5 lbs Ground beef

1/2c whole milk

3 tbs ketchup

3 tbs Mustard

Salt +pepper to taste

Hamburger seasoning

2 tsp brown sugar

1 tbs Worcestershire

Frying Oil

Garnish options are: 





1. Mise en place all ingredients for this recipe.

2. Using medium - high heat ground beef in a skillet. Add milk, ketchup, mustard,brown sugar, Worcestershire, and seasoning to the pan.

3. Cooking until we’ll incorporated and the meat is thoroughly cooked.

4. Add creamy melt cheese, fold in to filling. Then allow the meat to rest, cool and build flavor.

5. Now, prepare wraps by following the picture instructions on the back (under nutrition label)

6. Keep a bowl of water to seal egg rolls

7. Time to fill these babies up!

8. Add filling to the Center of wrap. *do not over fill* sprinkle cheddar cheese on top. Then roll and seal.

9. Repeat until you have wrapped as many as you’ll like to have.

10. While wrapping egg rolls, heat vegetable or canola oil in a steep pot. Heat oil to 350 degrees

11. Insert eggrolls gently into hot oil

12. Turn the eggrolls often to get a even cook on them.

13. Once golden brown remove from oil and rest on dry towels.

14. Garnish and serve

Dipping sauce 

2c mayo

1c ketchup

1tbs smoked paprika

1tsp cayenne pepper

Mix well, taste, serve

You can follow Chef Valencia on Instagram @ChefValencia_garmon

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