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Hot tips for summer dating

Three tips to help your dating life

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Summer is the perfect time for singles to get out there for some great dates. Relationship Coach Jennifer Hurvitz join us today with three hot dating tips for summertime!

Tip 1: Polish your Picker and Dating Profile. Your dating profile should be clean. Make sure you are using great pictures that compliment you. Pictures should have pops of color and should be gorgeous. You want pictures that will attract not turn people off.
Your bio needs to be cleaned up as well.  Ask a friend to help or hire a relationship coach.

Tip 2: Flip your Mindset No one wants to be around people who are negative. If your negative, you are not ready to date. Don’t become disappointed with the dating seen. Change your attitude. Put a smile on your face. Be optimistic and encouraging. Being cheerful and not down in the dumps will go a long way to successful dating.

Tip 3: Confidence. There is actually a superhero pose that many people are doing before going on dates to exude confidence. Confidence says “I got this!” Being self-assured will always help with making uncomfortable decisions or choice in dating relationship. Confidence seasoned with humility is a winning combination.

Follow Jennifer on Social media @Doingrelationshipsright or visit her website JenniferHurvitz.com

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