To celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Words With Friends 2 has introduced 20 new British slang words. Apparently, The Royals actress Elizabeth Hurley helped to curate the list with some of her favorites, after over 5,000 words per day were submitted by users for the list.

Words With Friends is also keeping with the British theme by having players compete in a limited-edition challenge where they can play against 10 characters from PBS drama Downton Abbey. The special characters will be available through May 27.

Some of the words in the final list are:

"Knackered" - Very tired

"Collywobbles" - Getting butterflies in your stomach/nervousness

"Harkle" - The "couple name" for Prince Harry and Meghan

"Jammy" - Very lucky

"Skive" - Faking sick to work or school