It's only days away until Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry in an elaborate, tradition-steeped ceremony. London is abuzz with Royal Wedding fever, but once the festivities subside, what is next for this American princess? Tory Shulman sat down with the founder of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills Esq, to find out.

The first matter is Meghan's family. The family's "shenanigans," as Thomas calls them, definitely make it harder off the bat for her to fully integrate. He says anytime the Queen has to call an emergency family meeting, it isn't exactly the best "first impression" as a future royal. Thomas also says the guest list of who Meghan and Harry have chosen to invite into their future "inner circle" will matter greatly for their future platforms and initiatives.

Secondly, her relationships with other royals is important. Rumors have been flying that Kate Middleton and Meghan haven't been the best of friends and Thomas says that is to be expected. "You do not upstage the future Queen of this country - especially when you're coming into the family the way you are." The pettiness aside, these two women can be extremely powerful if they work together, and with Kate's already global platform focusing on education, it will be interesting to see what Meghan decides her focus will be.

We can't wait to see how everything goes down this Saturday at the wedding!